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I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with these downloads, you are downloading them at your own risk... but I have them all on my computer too, so if something wrong happens to you, chances are it'll happen to me too.
Important information about the soundbanks
When naming the folders in your Microprose/Worms2/Data/Wav/Speech folders, use the following folder names.
zimbank = Zim
girbank = Gir
denisleary = Denis Leary
aod = AOD
Otherwise, other people with the same soundbank will not be able to hear yours, and vice versa.

1) Type something into the key generator and generate key.
2) Type the same something into the NAME field of hypersnap registration, and paste the key in the appropriate area. The name must be the same because the key is generated by the characters in the registration name.
3) Select the correct license in hypersnap, the one it says to select inside the key generator window.
4) Use hypersnap without the annoying demo tag in the corner.

ŠsVIII will definitely NOT be made using flash5 now, since thats way too much work to put into something that I haven't got any free time to do anymore. I'm also wondering if I will even make an eighth installment since the people who are still around Worms2 have no idea who any of the people in the first 7 are, so you can see the dilemma behind that. Maybe I'll do it anyways if I can find a way to make my computer quit freezing up while I'm typing sometimes.

The Šonut Saga series