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Your Mom Naked

You're probably pretty bored if you're surfing the dб site anyways though. I mean, geez, you'd have to be to click on a page called "Your Mom Naked" wouldn't you? Either that, or frigging sick. We'll assume the latter since you are, probably. Like most of the people surfing this site. We have a dual-key-demographic here. Bored people and Perverts. I try and give both what they want, except when it comes to having sex with little kids, because its wrong to try to stick your dick into little kids. Scratch that, its wrong to WANT to stick your dick into little kids. If this for some reasons sounds offensive to you, then its because you secretly want some little kiddie fuck of your own, and you should promptly stuff your head in the oven.
Oh, and long live pointless pages.

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