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Ancient History 101

Finally. A history lesson worth experiencing.

AdD was formed around Summer 2000 due to some off color thinking and a funny new way to use the letters AdD instead of for some stupid disease/condition/brain damage thing.
Now, in Worms2 servers around the world *or just us1/uk1* AdD is known to mean Automatic Donut Dispenser *at least to everyone whos not a fuckin nooby*
AdD members of all time have been :
Avander (from the start, and your #1 superhero)
Syndrome (one of the original 5, later voted out)
Epitaph (one of the original 5, left cuz Syndrome was too damn bossy)
Speedy (one of the original 5, same reason I think)
Matrix (one of the original 5, stopped playing Worms2 basically)
Caffeine(whore with baby, also kicked)
Wormkill (Where the hell is this guy?)
Intalude (eh I kicked 'em out.)
Super Elf (Came back, then left again.)
Souljah (nada no more.)
Hyoscine (Moving to a new house, may not come back to worms2)
-ls2-Nemesis(kicked out)
As of March 29th 2003, dб is put on inactive status.
Soon after that, we're alive and rocking asses again.
Then everyone went back to school or something. Maybe it was DirectX 9, or maybe because playing is getting tougher with everybody not DOING ANY PLAYING.